the wines

Although it sounds cliché, it is true: the wine is born in the vineyard. The quality, as well as the healthiness and ripeness of the grapes hugely determine the value and the character of the future wine. That’s why we try to grow as healthy and delicious grapes as we can every vintage. Subsequently, in the cellar, we strive to save, unfold and summarize everything that the grapes bring along in their precious berries. We always choose the methods that comply the best with the characteristics of the juice or wine in question; we never overwrite the ’default program’ of the grapes, but we support it in any possible way. We firmly believe in the importance of professional knowledge, but never forget that we are not creators here, but contributors.

It is our firm belief that due to its natural gifts, Neszmély wine region is an excellent vine growing area where crystal clear, fruit forward, aromatic and delicious white, rose and red wines can be made both in lighter and in more serious style. To support this claim we produce reductive varietal wines which can be cracked open for pure pleasure on any given weekday. However, to prove that Neszmély wine region is capable of something more, we ferment, blend and age wines in barrels of different oaks, sizes and degrees of toastiness.

We love what we do passionately and hope that the sincerity and intensivity of this emotion can somehow be detected in our wines.

Irsai Olivér

Most cuvée


Sauvignon Blanc

Olasz rizling


Merlot rozé

Cabernet Franc