the people

the founder

It comes natural to Ferenc Gelbmann to create things on a large scale let it be founding and operating a logistics company with ties to half of Europe or building up a nearly 70-hectare estate out of a primal ’jungle’. He sees the opportunity where others see only barriers, he finds gems where others find only bric-a-brac, and he sets off development when others stick at the difficulties. As a practical man, his steps bring about tangible results, he makes a compact whole out of parts complementing and strengthening each other. Last but not least, he’s an excellent cook and a passionate fan of great food and wine.

the viticulturist/winemaker

Csilla Szegedi’s path to winemaking was a widing one. Although there was a tradition of small scale winemaking in her family, for quite some time, she only consumed wines. But at the age of 30, she decided to look deeper into viticulture and winemaking. Having fulfilled numerous courses, she quit her job at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and travelled to first New Zealand, then to the Douro Valley in Portugal where she worked as a cellar hand in wineries. Having returned to Hungary, she settled in the Neszmély wine region, which is her ’mother’ wine region, where she has been living and making wine ever since.

the team

Elemér and Vilmos have been working on the estate since its inception. They have taken part in every phase of the work - building, planting, cultivating, feeding. Today even their wives, Hajni and Enikő, are part of the team.